The Construction

Rustic HomeOur rustic manors that are in the southern and northern area of France are also being built here. In our upscale suburban area we will build the home that you are looking for. The French country homes with their beautiful lines and are desired by all who are looking for a residence with a sense of style and elegance that is not matched by any other. The French county home designs have square and symmetrical shape with a steep hipped roof that has windows on all sides of the entrance to the home. If you are looking for a asymmetrical that has multiple roofs and elements with many focal points we can do that too. If you are looking for a home with round towers that hides the entryway along with the arches that are common with this home we can do that. If you are looking with brick or stone or stucco it can be done. Call us today to get a hold of the architect to help you build the manor that you are looking for.