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Looking to start a new chapter in your life? Looking for New Urbanism, Traditional, Neighborhood Developments or Traditional Neighborhood design? Below is the different types of Developments

Traditional Neighborhood Design –

All real estate has had a steady growth in this department. You might ask what is TND? What it is, is a systematically planned community that uses all types of houses to define a area. Within this buildings, commercial, apartments and homes are all in a close area to one another. In these areas it is friendly to bicycle, pedestrian and commercial traffic. Usually the “Traditional Neighborhood” is defined by a powerful sense of community.

New Urbanism –

This movement is of urban design. It promotes environmentally friendly areas by creating walkable neighborhoods with different ranges of housing.  They started in the 1980s and is strongly influenced by urban design practices that were shown during the World War II time. It combines Traditional Neighborhood design and Transit Oriented development.

Traditional Neighborhood Development –

This a community consisting of traditional town planning principles. Lots of the time it reuses already existing building but at the same time involves new construction on previously undeveloped land. Traditional Neighborhood Development is limited to the scale of the town or neighborhood. Traditional Neighborhood Development was originated in the US in legal form from 1990 thru 1992.


We build in all three of these areas. With the homes on the left side bar you can see what we can do. If you are looking for a type of home or a type of neighborhood we can help. When you contact us we will put you in touch with one of the many realtors that we work with. Call us today to let us help you with the needs that you have.